Mensitir dokumen dari internet dan media elektronik


Dalam menulis tulisan terutama tulisan ilmiah sangat diperlukan referensi. Referensi yg disitir harus (wajib) disebutkan sebagai sumber informasi. Dahulu informasi hanya datang dari tulisan cetak. Namun saat ini sumber informasi mulai banyak ragamnya salah satunya informasi digital.

Ini saya kumpulkan dan mencoba mencari yg sudah ada selama ini :

Pensitiran dokumen di Internet
Nama penulis (Author’s), (tahun publikasi). Judul makalah, tanggal mengakses dokumen, sumber informasi: URL (alamat).

Land, T. (1996, March 31). Web extension to American

Psychological Association style (WEAPAS), Retrieved April

24, 1997 from the World Wide Web:

MLA type

Citing the Internet

Author’s last name, first name and middle name or initial (if any). Descriptor or “Title of article in quotations marks.” Internet. (Date the article was posted, if given.)Available: Internet address. Date you accessed the material.


Honeycutt, Lee. Communication and Design Course Web Site. Internet. (1997) Available:, Jan. 1998.

Database, CD-ROM
For an article found on CD-ROM, use the following form:

Wakschlag, L. S., and B. L. Leventhal. “Consultation with Young Autistic Childrenand Their Families.” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 35 (1996): 963-65. InfoTrac: Expanded Academic Index. CD-ROM. Information Access. 15 Sept. 1999.

If you cite from the abstract only, use this form:

Figueredo, A. J., and L. A. McCloskey. “Sex, Money, and Paternity: The Evolutionary Psychology of Domestic Violence.” Ethnology and Sociobiology 14(1993): 353-79. Abstract. PsychLIT. CD-ROM. Silverplatter. 19 Sept. 1999.

For an encyclopedia article on CD-ROM, use the following form:

“Abolitionist Movement.” Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, CD-ROM. Softkey Multimedia

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