Kuala Lumpur is getting Hot and Hot and Hot !!!


Since last two years stay in KL I can feel that this city is getting hotterrrr.
When I was start stay here KL is a pleasant place, with no traffic jam. But to day KL is no longer like two years ago.

Two years ago I just spent 10 minutes to drive from apartment to office. Last week I spent 40 minutes just for 4 Km from home to office, I was then try to use LRT and again still has to wait until two or three trains pass trough …. couse it was packed … I dont want to be “sardin” of course. A new appartmen complex were build close to Setia Wangsa LRT station. This complexs would consist of more than 5 highrise building with more than 15 storey…. dont know who will stay there … new comer from Indonesia ? … wupst !

KL is growing …. yes its growing, but if KL do not learn about the fast growing city like his neighbor Jakarta, …. I wonder that in the next decade KL woould be like Jakarta with traffic jam for daily menu. Hope the traffic will be handle better and the Mass Transport System will be implemented soon.

Howgh !

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